Albania Poised to Choose New President by May

by Cristian Florescu

Albania will have a new president by the end of May according to Taulant Balla, leader of the Socialist Party’s (PS) parliamentary group, writes

“The process should end on May 24th. By May 24, which is a day that has had a certain historical context, we will have a new president of the Republic,” Balla said.

According to Balla, Parliament is preparing a calendar for the upcoming months, as Ilir Meta’s first term draws to a close.

Meta was elected President in 2017 and while he is eligible for a second term, his relationship with the ruling Socialist Party makes an extension of his mandate highly unlikely.

In June 2022, the Socialists-led Parliament dismissed Meta from his post, although the decision was recently rejected by the Constitutional Court.

Any group of at least 20 MPs may present a candidate to Parliament for the post.

Voting happens in secret and a three-fifths majority is required to elect the President.

Parliament may vote up to five times, and if there is no clear winner after a second vote, the President can be chosen by a simple majority.

Given that the Socialist Party (PS) remains in power with a comfortable 74-seat majority in the 140-seat Parliament, it seems likely that their pick will eventually be approved.

No names have been floated yet for the position, although nominees will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

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