Belgium backs Moldova in European integration process

by Cristian Florescu

Belgium supports Moldova in its European aspirations and is ready to provide the assistance needed in more segments. Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Croo made statements to this effect at a joint news conference with President Maia Sandu, writes State News Agency

The head of state thanked the Brussels official for the humanitarian assistance provided for the management of the flow of refugees faced by Moldova.

”I thank the Belgian government for the humanitarian aid worth over 210,000 euros, in tents, sanitary kits for refuges and 40 low-capacity generators provided to Moldova, which were distributed to stations of firemen and rescuers from various districts of the country,’’ Sandu noted.   

The Moldovan president asked the European official to open the Belgian market for the Moldovan fruits and products, which cannot enter the markets of the East, because of the war in Ukraine.

”The imports and exports on the markets of the East have been ceased and the chain price increases hit the economy and people of Moldova. We need help, in order to overcome these difficult problems,’’ Maia Sandu said.    

She specified that Moldova relied on the support of Belgium for the acceptance of the application for accession to the EU. ‘’We count on the support of Belgium for the acceptance of Moldova’s application and getting the status of candidate country,’’ the head of state added.

The prime minister of Belgium said his country backed Moldova in its European aspirations. He emphasized the willingness of Brussels to provide every needed assistance in more segments, such as justice, police and health. The Belgian official noted that Belgium was to sign with Moldova more agreements on the work of police and justice.  

„We discussed your European aspirations; we know that Moldova looks to the West, to the free world; this is a thing which moves us,’’ Alexander de Croo said.  

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