BiH and the International Community – what is the Next Step?

by Cristian Florescu

 Will the United States (U.S.) and the European Union (EU) stay passive amid the political crisis in BiH? write

The cancellation of the visit of the officials, Palmer and Eichorst, the non-introduction of the announced sanctions, is already being interpreted by the public as the passivity of the international community. However, it is not losing interest in the political crisis in BiH, claims the High Representative (HR) in BiH while speaking for the German media. Christian Schmidt stated the international community must act to prevent BiH from disintegrating.

“The international community now begins to deal with BiH, it is a mistake to believe that nothing in the Western Balkans can pass without explosion and smoke. I am optimistic and I think the EU will find ways to influence Dodik, ” said Christian Schmidt. And everyone is waiting for that step, besides the EU, the U.S.does do not have clear instructions. In an interview with CNN, U.S.Special Representative Gabriel Escobar pointed out that both the U.S. and the EU have two goals – the first to prevent Dodik’s attacks on state institutions, and the second – to return Serb political representatives to state institutions. And still, everything remains unclear: what’s next?

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