BiH Minister of Security met with the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt

by Cristian Florescu

In Sarajevo, a meeting took place between Nenad Nešić, the Minister of Security of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Yasser Sorour, the Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The two nations engaged in a dialogue regarding the enhancement of collaboration in the realm of security, particularly focusing on combating the issues of unlawful migration and terrorism.

The significance of sufficient collaboration among the security agencies of both nations and a collective approach towards addressing these worldwide threats was underscored.

Ambassador Sorour extended an invitation to Minister Nešić to undertake a visit to Egypt, marking the Minister of Security of BiH’s inaugural official visit to the country. This visit is anticipated to materialize before the close of the current year.

Minister Nešić, upon accepting the invitation, conveyed his anticipation that the bilateral relations between the two amicable nations will be enhanced through high-level meetings among ministers and officials. Additionally, the Ministry of Security of BiH proclaimed that the collaboration of police agencies in countering all manifestations of international organized crime will be fortified.

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