BiH must be Part of the European Sky Shield

by Cristian Florescu

In response to Austrian Defense Minister Klaudia Tanner’s call to start preparations for possible threats from the air and to quickly implement the “European Sky Shield” system, Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Defense Minister Zukan Helez said that domestic institutions are in contact with all international military factors in BiH.

”We must be part of the ‘European Sky Shield‘ because we are part of Europe. The Balkans is one of the risk zones when it comes to missile systems that are aimed at Europe. And when it comes to the Balkans, Kosovo and BiH are certainly under a special regime,” Helez stated.

The Austrian minister warned that there are a large number of rockets and cruise missiles of different ranges in the vicinity of Austria and the rest of Europe, referring to the risk report of the Ministry of Defense of Austria.

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