Bulgaria’s President to await coalition deal before handing over the government-forming mandate

by Cristian Florescu

Bulgarian President Roumen Radev said on December 7 that he hoped that within a few days he would be able to hand the We Continue the Change (WCC) party a mandate to form a government to be proposed to Parliament, write sofiaglobe.com

WCC won the largest share of seats in the 47th National Assembly elections on November 14. Bulgaria’s constitution entitles the largest parliamentary group to be the first to receive a mandate to form a government.

WCC is in talks with three other parliamentary groups – the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP), Slavi Trifonov’s ITN party and the Democratic Bulgaria coalition. Together, the “WCC+3” have 134 out of the 240 seats in Bulgaria’s National Assembly, enough to vote a government into office if they agree on a deal.

Radev held consultations with representatives of the seven parliamentary groups on December 6 and 7. He met WCC, the GERB-UDF coalition, the Movement for Rights and Freedoms and the BSP on Monday, and on Tuesday received representatives of ITN, Democratic Bulgaria and Vuzrazhdane.

He would await a coalition government agreement before handing over the first mandate.

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