Calls for President Vučić to resign as protests enter eighth week in Serbia

by Cristian Florescu

Some individuals express dissatisfaction with President Vučić’s government and his affiliation with the tabloid media they contend encourages animosity and supports aggression

On Saturday, a large number of individuals congregated in the heart of Belgrade to participate in the ‘Serbia against violence’ march.

It marked the eighth consecutive week of protests in the nation’s capital, and this time it also encompassed 20 other cities.

These cities encompassed Novi Sad and Kragujevac, which are Serbia’s next largest cities, along with the smaller towns of Kraljevo, Subotica, Vranje, Sabac, and Leskovac.

The demonstrators, which consist of members from various opposition parties, are kindly urging for the resignation of President Aleksandar Vučić, as well as top representatives within the media, police force, and security services.

Critics of the president express concerns about his alleged authoritarian tendencies and argue that the tabloid media outlets closely associated with his government may inadvertently encourage hostility and contribute to the perpetuation of violence. Additionally, protestors are advocating for the discontinuation of reality TV programs.

An increasing number of cities are joining the demonstrations, which were sparked by a wave of concern after two shootings in early May resulted in the tragic loss of 19 lives.

On 3 May, unfortunately, a tragic incident occurred at a Belgrade school where a 13-year-old student sadly took the lives of nine classmates and a security guard. Regrettably, less than 48 hours later, another devastating event took place in a central Serbian town where a 21-year-old individual ended the lives of nine innocent people.

The protesters are politely requesting that the government be accountable and kindly asking for the resignation of the Minister of the Interior and the director of the Information and Security Agency.

The opposition has politely declined an offer of dialogue from Vučić, as well as early elections.

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