Covic spoke in Zagreb about reorganizing BiH

by Cristian Florescu

At the 19th General Assembly of the Croatian Democratic Union (HDZ) of Croatia, which was being held in Zagreb, the President of the HDZ BiH, Dragan Covic, addressed with a welcome speech, writes Sarajevo Times

Covic expressed satisfaction that he had the opportunity to address the HDZ Parliament several times in 33 years and said that the Croatian issue and the problems of the Croatian people are “on the table of every important administration in the world”, but that most of them still do not understand what is happening in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH).

“I am glad that you are celebrating the 19th General Assembly and looking for new solutions for the future of the HDZ and the Croatian people, I am sure that in this way HDZ sends a very clear message for everything that needs to be done in Croatia and around the world where Croats live so that we can be truly proud of who we are, “ Covic noted.

The President of the HDZ BiH spoke about the need for the HDZ to seek new solutions for the future of the HDZ and the Croatian people living in the Republic of Croatia, but also abroad.

“Today BiH has a temptation, especially a political temptation, which it has not had since Dayton, 1995, and the Homeland War. Today there are significantly fewer Croats, but there are still over 15 per cent of us in BiH. Today we must say very clearly that BiH does not exist without Croats. We are the only ones who advocate the Euro-Atlantic path in BiH, we advocate all European Union (EU) standards,” stated Covic.

He reiterated that the attempt of majorization represents a temptation of BiH politics.

“We want to institutionally reorganize BiH in accordance with the Constitution,” he said, announcing that the HDZ BiH would win this year’s general elections.

At the end of his address, he called on the HDZ Parliament to help Croats in BiH to be “on their own” and pointed out that the HDZ BiH intends to fight for “what belongs to them” through the Croatian National Assembly (HNS)

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