Croatia’s net electricity output down 15.3% y/y in Jan

by Cristian Florescu

Croatia’s net electricity production declined to 1,512 GWh in January from 1,786 GWh in the same month of 2021, the country’s statistical office said, writes

Electricity production in January was lower than December’s 1,664 GWh, the country’s statistical office said on Friday.

Electricity imports fell to 916 GWh in January from 988 GWh in the same month of 2021, whereas exports went down to 716 GWh from 1,131 GWh.

Electricity imports declined 5.4% in January compared to December, while exports were 22% lower month-on-month.

Electricity made available to the domestic market amounted to 1,686 GWh in January, down from 1,707 GWh in December and up from 1,641 GWh in January 2021.

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