Estonian Cyber Security Council discusses strengthening of cyber defense in context of war

by Cristian Florescu

At the invitation of Estonian Minister of Entrepreneurship and IT Andres Sutt, the Cyber Security Council convened an extraordinary meeting to discuss how to strengthen Estonia’s cyber defence in the context of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, writes The Baltic Times

The Cyber Security Council meeting focused on the changing security threat and activities of various areas of government that help increase the state’s cyber security level, spokespeople for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications said on Friday.

Sutt said at the meeting that while there is no direct military threat against Estonia, in addition to conventional warfare in Ukraine, there are also very active hostilities being conducted in the Ukrainian and Russian cyberspaces, which also affects the threat assessment for the Estonian cyberspace.

“It is important to see that Russia’s military attack on Ukraine has stalled and every tank and aircraft lost further reduces Russia’s military capability. However, it doesn’t affect Russia’s capability to conduct attacks in cyberspace and, therefore, it is important that Estonia’s cyber defence should also match the threat level,” Sutt said. 

The minister added that there has not been an excessive growth in the number of cyber attacks and incidents, however, due to there being no advance warning in cyberspace, the situation can change in an instant and the state must be ready for it.

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