EU and USA condemn Dodik’s announced ban of entry for Schmidt into RS

by Cristian Florescu

The EU Delegation in Bosnia and Herzegovina stated on Friday that the recent announcement made by Milorad Dodik, the President of the Republika Srpska entity, regarding a decree prohibiting High Representative Christian Schmidt from entering the entity, is a further act of provocation that undermines the constitutional framework of the country.

According to the Delegation, they posted on X (previously known as Twitter) that the claim lacks legal basis and cannot be enforced. The Delegation also stated that the European Union expresses its endorsement of the objectives of the High Representative and his Office.

The EU Delegation expressed their disappointment with the President of Republika Srpska for prioritizing divisive, inflammatory, and destabilizing actions over implementing reforms that would genuinely benefit the citizens, despite the ongoing efforts of the state-level coalition to adopt legislation conducive to progress on the EU path.

During a recent statement, Milorad Dodik declared that Christian Schmidt will be prohibited from entering the specific entity beginning next week, and should he set foot on the RS territory, he will be subject to arrest. Furthermore, Dodik asserted that preparations are underway to enact a decree which will forbid the entry of a High Representative into the RS, with police stations assigned the responsibility of orchestrating the removal of Schmidt if he attempts to enter.

The USA Embassy in Sarajevo also expressed condemnation towards Dodik’s threats on Thursday.

According to the Embassy’s statement on X, Milorda Dodik’s intention to impede the High Representative’s access to the Republika Srpska entity and restrict their freedom of movement is in violation of the constitution. This action is seen as a deliberate assault on the Dayton Peace Agreement, the constitutional structure of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the overall sovereignty of the state.

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