Greek banks freeze accounts of Russian nationals

by Cristian Florescu

The Russian Embassy in Athens expressed concern Wednesday about the suspension of bank accounts of Russian nationals in Greece, writes Anadolu Agency

The embassy said on Facebook that it has received “messages from Russian citizens in Greece about the suspension of their accounts in Greek banks without any warning or written notice.”

Greece was included in EU countries that proceeded with sanctions against Russia following Moscow’s military operations in Ukraine.

Authorities have proceeded with the confiscation of assets including real estate as well as bank accounts concerning a small number of Russian citizens.

The embassy complained that “in some cases, families of civil citizens are deprived of their only source of income” and urged Greek authorities to “intervene in order to ensure the legal rights of Russians.”

A complaint on the embassy’s page said: “I just came out from Pireaus bank and my account has been blocked. It doesn’t accept any transaction and the teller couldn’t give me a clear answer.”

A bank executive in one of Greece’s main banks who spoke to Anadolu Agency on condition of anonymity said she was not aware of such actions, however, she mentioned there were rumours that the bank would go ahead with sanctions.

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