Hungary and Serbia to simplify border crossing

by Cristian Florescu

Hungary and Serbia will simplify border crossing for persons respecting regulations but they will continue to act together against those that intend to cross the border illegally, write

During a press conference with Serbian counterpart Nikola Selaković, Péter Szijjártó, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade said the two countries were fighting together against migration, all the more so because the Western Balkan route is getting full again. He added that daily 30,000-35,000 people were leaving Afghanistan and Hungary had so far registered 100,000 illegal border-crossing attempts this year. With the European Union being under migratory pressure from three directions, some two hundred Hungarian police officers have been participating in the protection of Serbia’s southern border this year to stop the wave of migrants as far away as possible. A new border crossing will be permanently opened at Kübekháza next year, to simplify transport between Hungary and Serbia, he said.

The two countries’ respective embassies will allow entry to each other’s diplomats at locations where one of them does not have diplomatic representation, he said. Hungarian diplomats will thus be working in Serbia’s embassies in Zambia and Congo and Serbian diplomats in Hungary’s embassies in Malta and Chile, he added.

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