I will not step down as the President of the RS

by Cristian Florescu

The President of the Republika Srpska (RS), Milorad Dodik, emphasized his commitment to upholding the Constitution by signing the decree, just as he did two days ago with the promulgation of the Law on Amendments to the Criminal Code. He further stated that it was his legal duty to enact this decision following its approval in the National Assembly of the RS (NARS).

Dodik told reporters in Banja Luka that at this point, it is important to address the key issue. Schmidt, who is falsely presenting himself, was not permitted to criticize the NARS but instead targeted the President of the RS who signed the Decree. This is the reason why he is criticizing the President of the NARS. Dodik expressed that Schmidt came here to ensure justice and provide suggestions on how the Prosecutor’s Office should operate, including how someone should interrogate Stevandic. Dodik also made a point that such practices do not exist anywhere in the world.

Dodik mentioned that he has been working diligently throughout the years to safeguard national interests.

Additionally, Dodik restated that the property issue of RS has been successfully resolved and emphasized that he had received threats of a potential ban on political activities.

“They won’t ban me from life. What if I’m banned from politics? Does anyone think I’m going to resign as president of RS? Now, that’s a new story. I’m not leaving. I’m not being faked by Schmidt The High Representative chose me, and the Bosnian court did not choose me so that it could ban me from political activities,” Dodik pointed out.

The President of the RS kindly reminded us that other leaders in European Union (EU) countries have also faced political and judicial pressure, but they have successfully emerged stronger from that process.

“They have only one intention – to get rid of Dodik. It’s a very difficult situation, not an easy one at all, but I’ll just say that I’m proud of the support I’ve received. I would not look at politics the way (MPD MP) Igor Crnadak presents it,” Dodik concluded.

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