It is necessary to strengthen the Alliance with the USA

by Cristian Florescu

Member of the BiH Presidency, Denis Bećirović, said after his visit to Washington that the Bosnian-American alliance established in the most difficult times for the survival of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina will be strengthened.

“I pointed out the importance of Bosnia and Herzegovina becoming a member of NATO and the European Union as soon as possible,” said Bećirović.

He said that his views about the Euro-Atlantic community are consistent and clear in Sarajevo, Brussels, Washington, and any other city, namely that if we want to become a part of the Euro-Atlantic community, it is necessary to strengthen the alliance with the United States.

He said that in the past few years, the anti-Polish circle in the United States has vigorously lobbied Bosnia and Herzegovina, and it is necessary to take strategic actions to fight back.

Bećirović emphasized that his priority is to be responsible and serious in his work.

“In the most difficult period for our country, the USA supported BiH and its independence, sovereignty, and territorial integrity. The USA was among the first to recognize the independence of BiH and opened an embassy in BiH,” said Bećirović.

The then US ambassador to the UN, Madeleine Albright, also sent support to the citizens of besieged Sarajevo with the words ‘I am a Sarajevan’ and said that the future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the USA are inseparable.

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