Kosovo Has Fulfilled All Requirements for Becoming Member of EU Council

by Cristian Florescu

The European Parliament Member, Viola von Cramon, who at the same time serves as a rapporteur on Kosovo, has said that the latter has fulfilled the main requirements for becoming a member of the European Council, writes www.schengenvisainfo.com

During a press conference held on March 4, von Cramon emphasised that this might be good timing for Kosovo to work towards the goal of joining the Council as one of its main opponents, Russia, is currently banned from the decision-making processes.

She proceeded by saying that the current standards that apply for a country that wishes to join the Council should be manageable and doable for Kosovo. Nonetheless, it was highlighted that the joining of Kosovo to the Council is a political decision, which needs approval from each member country.

Asked whether Kosovo could be able to join the EU and NATO through accelerated procedures after taking into account the current situation in Ukraine, von Cramon said that she does not see any fast procedures in terms of membership, not only for Kosovo but for the other remaining western Balkan countries too.

Nonetheless, she emphasised that the authorities still have to fight for Kosovo’s visa liberalisation while noting that Kosovo should also have a successful dialogue in order to get the green light from the EU.

During her stay in Kosovo, von Cramon also attended a session on the adoption of a resolution that condemned the Russian war in Ukraine.

According to von Cramon, Kosovo’s foreign policies are aligned with the ones that the EU Member States have, meaning that the country has once again proven to be pro-European.

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