Lavrov, pressure on Balkans to adhere to sanctions

by Cristian Florescu

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has denounced pressure on the Balkan States and on Serbia to adhere to sanctions against Moscow, whose aim, he said, is to “contain Russia strategically”, writes

“We see pressure as part of an anti-Russian campaign which western politicians define as a total war on Russia. All this has not started now and has the objective of continuing pressure on Russia”, said Lavrov, in statements reported by Serbian media outlets. He said sanctions were not only economic but also affected the world of culture and humanitarian activities.

Stressing the position of Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, who is against sanctions over the need to defend the national interests of Serbia, the Russian diplomatic chief said that the EU includes countries that share Serbia’s vision, like Hungary.

“What surprises is the explosion of a primitive sense of phobia against Russia that leaders of western countries are actively fuelling”. “Such an aggressive anti-Russian line is advantageous for the US and the EU”, said Lavrov. “We witness an attempt by the US to impose their hegemony over the Balkans and on other regions of the world”, added Lavrov.

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