Maia Sandu named Emerging Europe’s Public Figure of the Year

by Cristian Florescu

Maia Sandu’s unswerving commitment to democracy and the rule of law in Moldova make her the natural choice for this year’s Emerging Europe Public Figure of the Year award, writes

Moldovan President Maia Sandu has been named by Emerging Europe as its Public Figure of the Year.

Sandu, elected in November 2020, centred her presidential campaign on eradicating poverty and fighting the corruption that has done so much damage to the economy of what remains Europe’s poorest country.

Long viewed by the international media, in somewhat simplistic terms, as “pro-European” (as opposed to Igor Dodon, her predecessor, who favours closer ties with Russia) Sandu also pledged to renew Moldova’s European aspirations.

Last month she delivered on her promise when the Moldovan government formally applied to join the European Union.

“We want to live in peace, prosperity, and be part of the free world,” said Sandu in March. “While some decisions take time, others must be made quickly and decisively, and taking advantage of the opportunities that come with a changing world.”

“This award is recognition for President Sandu’s commitment to democracy and the rule of law, and to the fight against corruption in Moldova,” says Andrew Wrobel, Emerging Europe’s founder.

“This commitment was demonstrated on several occasions during 2021, not least in the president’s ultimately successful efforts to dissolve parliament and hold a free and fair election, as well as in her openness to building a long-term and sustainable partnership with the European Union.”

Since Sandu took office, Moldova has become a country that now offers hope of a better future to all its citizens, ready to take its place at the table of other European countries.

“While there have been glimmers of hope for Moldova at various stages over the past 30 years, it is only now that the country genuinely boasts a leader prepared to carry out the reforms necessary to make the Moldovan dream of a prosperous future a reality,” adds Wrobel.

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