Meloni: “We will be with Serbia”

by Cristian Florescu

Giorgia Meloni, the recently elected Prime Minister of Italy, is embarking on her inaugural visit to Serbia.

Upon her arrival at the airport, the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, personally greeted her.

Following a ceremonial reception at the Palace of Serbia, the bilateral meeting commenced between the Prime Minister of Italy and the President of Serbia.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Meloni and Vučić spoke to the general public.

Vučić conveyed his profound appreciation to the Prime Minister for his visit to Serbia, emphasizing the exceptionally robust economic ties between Serbia and Italy, which currently exhibit a trade exchange valued at 4.6 billion euros. Additionally, Vučić expressed his optimistic outlook on the potential for further augmenting bilateral cooperation in the years to come.

The speaker expressed gratitude for Italy’s significant and unwavering assistance in Serbia’s progression towards European integration. He also acknowledged Giorgia Meloni’s willingness to attentively consider Serbia’s perspectives, highlighting her impartial approach to addressing issues in the region.

According to Vučić, Serbia has forthcoming significant engagements in the near future. Vučić expressed his admiration for Meloni’s exceptional abilities, affirming her status as one of the most remarkable leaders.

Vučić expressed his belief that the Stellantis Generator company has the potential to become a significant player in the automotive sector, in addition to its current production of the Panda. He commended Italy’s foreign policy initiatives aimed at addressing the crises in the Western Balkans, highlighting their objective and comprehensive approach. Vučić expressed his optimism for Italy’s increased involvement in resolving the problem, hoping for a more prominent role from Italy in finding a solution.

In addition, he further expressed that Serbia will be cognizant of its gratitude towards the support rendered by Italy. Subsequently, he mentioned that following the aforementioned discourse, they would proceed to partake in a luncheon.

Vučić conveyed to Meloni that in Serbia, individuals possess the freedom to express their thoughts without restraint, as they are guaranteed a responsive and amicable reception. Nonetheless, the ultimate affront would be to be accused of failing to fulfil one’s duties as a hospitable host. Thus, he extended a warm welcome to Meloni in Serbia.

In addition to this, Giorgia Meloni delivered a public statement subsequent to her one-on-one meeting with President Vučić.

The host exhibited exceptional hospitality, and our entire experience in this location was remarkably picturesque, for which I express my gratitude. This marks my inaugural trip to Serbia, and I believe our bilateral relations have the potential for further improvement and advancement. Although I had the privilege of meeting President Vučić, I believe this visit should have been arranged earlier, as we have already accomplished substantial collaborative endeavours. Our trade exchange has proven to be exceptionally prosperous.

Numerous enterprises and corporations have the potential to attract increased investments and generate a greater number of job opportunities. It is noteworthy to mention that Belgrade is reputed as the global pioneer in hosting Italian companies, which underscores the considerable interest and regard that Serbia commands within the realm of entrepreneurship.

The efforts undertaken by President Vučić and the Government in this regard hold significant academic value. The notable accomplishments attained are truly exceptional. I am genuinely gratified by the existence of leaders who grasp and acknowledge the vital role of enhancing our bilateral relations for the betterment of the economy.

The nature of our relations highlights the significant strategic value that Serbia holds for Italy, thus positioning us at the forefront of countries advocating for the expansion and reunification of Europe. Rather than being a selective club, Europe should strive for the unification of its entirety, particularly given the global scenario. The inclusion of the Western Balkans in the European family holds great importance for us.

Meloni emphasized that Italy will support Serbia in its journey towards European integration.

The speaker expressed confidence in Serbia’s commitment to maintaining a productive engagement in the dialogue with Kosovo. Italy actively endorses this process and is actively striving to ensure the fulfilment of all obligations undertaken by the involved parties.

I would like to express my gratitude to Belgrade for the diligent endeavours it is undertaking. It is imperative that we direct our resources towards effectively addressing these issues. Our apprehension regarding the battle against unauthorized migrants is of significant concern.

According to the President of Serbia, this visit is deemed a significant privilege for the nation.

I am deeply privileged to have the opportunity to welcome Giorgia Meloni to Belgrade. I am confident that this visit will significantly amplify the impetus of our bilateral relations. Italy holds a paramount position as a political and economic ally of our nation.

Vučić expressed his utmost gratitude towards Ms Meloni for her visit to Serbia, despite her hectic schedule, and for offering her assistance during their expedition in Europe, as stated in his Instagram post.

During a recent event in Dubai, Vučić expressed his anticipation for a congenial exchange with the Prime Minister of Italy.

When queried about the subject matter of the discussion, encompassing the potential escalation of Italy’s participation in the negotiations with Pristina, as previously addressed by Meloni, Vučić informed RTS that this would undoubtedly be a focal point, in addition to the examination of bilateral collaboration and economic ties between the two nations.

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