Montenegro’s new government pledges to join all EU sanctions against Russia

by Cristian Florescu

The newly appointed Government of Montenegro prepares a package to implement all sanctions against Russia, previously imposed by the European Union, writes

A corresponding statement was made by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro Ranko Krivokapić during his visit to the Embassy of Ukraine.

“During a conversation with Natalia Fialka, Chargé d’Affaires of Ukraine in Montenegro, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Montenegro expressed clear Government’s support for Ukraine and Ukraine’s struggle for territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence against brutal Russian aggression,” the Embassy informs.

Among other things, Minister Krivokapić noted that Montenegro understood the Ukrainian people well, emphasizing the closeness of the two peoples’ destinies with their “big neighbours.” He added that assistance of the new government to Ukraine would increase and that Montenegro was preparing to implement all packages of anti-Russian sanctions.

“As in every great historical case, it is not just about politics and pragmatics. It’s about much more than that: a sense of common values ​​and strong emotions about the suffering of the Ukrainian people,” the Embassy quoted the foreign minister of Montenegro as saying.

As a reminder, the previous government of Montenegro managed to adopt a decision on anti-Russian sanctions on the third attempt. Prior to that, various versions of compromise resolutions were proposed, which formally supported the EU’s restrictive measures against Russia but did not actually implement them.

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