NIS to produce green, blue hydrogen

by Cristian Florescu

NIS, a Serbian oil and gas company, is looking for companies to design and build a hydrogen production plant near the Elemir refinery near Zrenjanin. This plant would produce green and blue hydrogen, which are seen as possible solutions for decarbonizing industry and transport.

NIS is looking for someone to design and write instructions for building a hydrogen production facility. The deadline for submitting bids has been extended until April 7.

The plant would be close to its Elemir gas refinery, NIS said.

The goal of this project is to reduce carbon emissions and produce blue and green hydrogen. The company we choose will be responsible for designing the entire facility and the hydrogen production line at the refinery. They will also need to do technical analyses.

Green hydrogen is made by using electricity to split water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen. It’s called green hydrogen if the electricity comes from renewable sources.

A solar power plant would be built next to the unit to provide it with electricity, according to NIS.

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