Opposition Lambasts Orbán Gov’t after EU Top Court’s Dismissal of Hungarian Rule of Law Challenge

by Cristian Florescu

“Orbán was defeated at the European Court of Justice, but Hungary and the Hungarian people won,” said Momentum MEP Katalin Cseh, after the ruling by the European Court of Justice dismissed the rule of law challenge of Hungary and Poland, writes Hungary Today

In reaction to the ruling of the European Union’s top court, Hungary’s united opposition parties, officially named United for Hungary, released a statement.

“After today’s decision of the European Court of Justice it has become clear that every single Hungarian citizen will have to pay a heavy, concrete, and monetizable price for the undemocratic functioning of the Orbán government,” the opposition alliance said.

“We believe this renders the stakes of the election even clearer: if Fidesz wins, we [Hungarians] will not have access to the resources that the Hungarian people and the Hungarian economy deserve,” the united opposition added.

The opposition parties also pledged that if they win the upcoming parliamentary elections, “the EU will not have to use sanctions against the Hungarian government to protect its citizens”.

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