Pirot on track to become Serbia’s “city of sun”

by Cristian Florescu

Investors are currently in the process of preparing documentation for the construction of over 125 MW of solar power plants in Pirot, as they strive to achieve their vision of transforming the city into Serbia’s “city of the sun,” taking inspiration from the town of Trebinje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

According to local media outlet Pirotske Vesti, Mayor Vladan Vasić has stated that investments in solar power plants could bring multiple benefits to Pirot, including incentivizing the construction industry, creating job opportunities, and utilizing a renewable energy source. Pirot enjoys ample sunshine hours, and there is a notable interest among investors in solar power projects.

In contrast to other cities, Pirot politely requests that investors create comprehensive zoning plans for the sites where they plan to construct energy facilities prior to commencing any construction, as per Vasić’s statement.

According to the mayor, a French company is currently in the process of developing a zoning plan for a 75 MW solar power plant that will cover an area of 106 hectares. However, it is expected to take a considerable amount of time to connect the plant to the grid due to the significant capacity and challenges the investor is facing with state power utility Elektroprivreda Srbije (EPS) and national grid operator Elektromreža Srbije (EMS) concerning transmission lines, as per the mayor’s statement.

British investment funds have also approached the city authorities, expressing their intention to construct a 45 MW solar power plant on 50 hectares of land. Additionally, they have initiated the development of a zoning plan, as well.

According to Vasić, there are also plans for the construction of three small solar power plants – one with a maximum capacity of 5 MW and two with a capacity of 1 MW each.

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