Poland “disappointed” by EU willingness to pay for Russian gas in roubles

by Cristian Florescu

Poland’s prime minister, Mateusz Morawiecki, has expressed “disappointment” that some EU member states are willing to pay for Russian gas in roubles, amid reports that the European Commission has proposed ways to allow them to do so without breaking sanctions, writes Notes from Poland

Over the weekend, the Polish Press Agency (PAP) reported, based on inside sources, that a closed meeting took place in Brussels on Friday at which the European Commission presented an interpretation of how to pay in roubles for Russian gas without violating sanctions.

The report indicated that the commission’s position received support from, among others, Germany and France but was opposed by countries including Poland and the Netherlands.

Commenting publicly on Sunday, Morawiecki said that he was “disappointed to see that there is consent for paying for gas in roubles, something that Putin was trying to achieve”, reports PAP.

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