PPC to build 513 MW wind park near Romania’s border with Serbia

by Cristian Florescu

Enel Green Power Romania has been granted a connection permit for their wind park project, which has a capacity of 513 MW and is located in the Banat area, near the border with Serbia. It is worth noting that Public Power Corp. from Greece is reportedly in the process of acquiring the company.

The Caraș-Severin county, which is not densely populated and has a weak economy, has the potential to become one of Romania’s significant renewable energy centres. Recently, journalists discovered a wind, solar, and pumped hydropower project worth EUR 1.9 billion in Socol that had been inactive. Enel Green Power (EGP) Romania has now obtained a connection permit for a wind park in the northeast of the area.

According to Profit.ro, there are four projects with a total capacity of 513 MW located near the village of Potoc. These projects are currently being acquired by PPC from Greece. It should be noted that Enel had previously purchased the subsidiaries operating these projects from businessman Emanuel Muntmark over two years ago.

According to the news outlet, Monsson Group, one of the largest renewable energy developers in Romania, is controlled by the individual referred to as the “king of wind farms.” Potoc is located in the Banat region, just across the border from the Serbian town of Bela Crkva.

According to the report, it appears that the estimated completion date for two of the wind power plants is expected to be in 2026, while the remaining two should be completed by 2028. Additionally, EGP is currently preparing to construct a 680 MW photovoltaic park in the nearby Arad County, which was obtained as part of the same package from Monsson. Monsson has a total of 2 GW in renewable energy projects in the area.

Enel currently has an installed capacity of 535 MW in Romania and has plans to expand its capacity to 5.4 GW. In order to acquire majority stakes in Enel’s businesses in Romania, PPC agreed to pay EUR 1.26 billion. Additionally, PPC later acquired shares from another major shareholder.

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