Preservation of Achievements at Stake at 2022 Election

by Cristian Florescu

Among the stakes in Hungary’s April general election is whether the country will preserve what it has achieved over the last 12 years, Speaker of Parliament László Kövér told a forum in Szentendre, writes Hungary Today

The question Hungarians must ask themselves is whether “an opposition like this one” could be given control of the country, Kövér said. He noted that ruling Fidesz had lost the election in 2002 even though the country had been on an upward trajectory.

“So we can’t sit back and say that the results speak for themselves,” he said. Kövér added that the “eight bitter years” between 2002 and 2010 showed “what happens when the Socialists come to power in a country that’s in good shape”.

Human resources ministry state secretary Eszter Vitályos, the local MP candidate of Fidesz and the Christian Democrats, said Hungary’s interest was to have peace and for the war in Ukraine to end through negotiations as soon as possible.

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