Reporter says Janša coddled by media

by Cristian Florescu

Prime Minister Janez Janša has managed to subjugate several media this term, most notably the public broadcaster RTV Slovenija, and the consequences of that were on display last week when the broadcaster interviewed first him and then the opposition, Reporter magazine says in Monday’s commentary The Mollycoddling of Janez Janša, write

“While Lidija Hren ‘butchered’ the presidents of parties, the prime minister was having a friendly chat with Jože Možina. Janša probably cannot remember ever having such a fanning interviewer and we have not seen him so smiling and relaxed on TV Slovenija for a long time,” the paper says.

The reporter mentions another media development in the making, alleged plans by the state-owned Telekom Slovenija to boot the biggest commercial channels, POP TV and Kanal A, from its TV offering, a move it says would be “drastic but not unprecedented” given that Telekom already removed a package of sports channels offered by a rival provider a few years ago.

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