Results of Maia Sandu’s visit to Bucharest

by Cristian Florescu

President Maia Sandu has been in Bucharest since she won the elections, but only on Tuesday, November 23, she made her first official visit to the Romanian capital, at the invitation of her counterpart Klaus Iohannis. Judging by the statements made by the two leaders today in Bucharest, the bilateral relationship is much better now than in the time of pro-Russian President Igor Dodon, and the confidence of Romanian politicians in the neighbouring head of state does not seem tarnished by some controversies over the style of reforms promoted by Sandu in Chisinau, writes

Following the meeting between the President of the Republic of Moldova and her Romanian counterpart, we can talk about several central points: 1) Romania’s foreign policy agenda, the Republic of Moldova is among the priorities, with equal support from the entire political spectrum. 2) the main strategic projects between the two states are starting to be put on paper 3) Romania seems to be making greater efforts to bring the Republic of Moldova to the European Union with what the approaches related to the rule of law and the functional economy mean.

Thus, supporting the European integration of the Republic of Moldova and the process of democratic reforms is the most important point of the ”Roadmap”, which was signed at the Cotroceni Palace by Foreign Ministers, Romanian, Bogdan Aurescu and Moldovan, Nicolae Popescu, in the presence of the two presidents.

”The roadmap” is the basis for concrete bilateral cooperation between Romania and the Republic of Moldova. The update of the Roadmap, a document dating from 2019, took place in July this year on the occasion of the visit of the head of the Romanian diplomacy to Chisinau. The roadmap also mentions the guidelines on the economic and social development of the Republic of Moldova, the consolidation of public institutions and an independent path for justice in Chisinau. The text of the document states, however, that we also quote “the consolidation of the language, history and culture community between Romania and the Republic of Moldova”.

After the discussions between the two presidents, Maia Sandu and Klaus Iohannis, at the Cotroceni Palace, the Romanian head of state stated that “Romania and the Republic of Moldova are united by an extremely strong connection – the community of language, culture and history ”. The Romanian president also spoke about the line of convergence of all political forces in the country, stating that, I quote, “the Republic of Moldova enjoys overwhelming, lasting and cross-party support in Bucharest.”

Klaus Iohannis also spoke about the joint projects that the two states should develop, stressing the need for energy interconnection and strengthening energy security, the development of transport infrastructure, and the prospects of continuing to provide non-reimbursable assistance to Moldova through a new Agreement.

Romania has postponed for years the interconnection of high-voltage lines with the Republic of Moldova, although there have been no political obstacles in this regard, in many periods in the last 15 years.

President Maia Sandu said that Moldova has always felt “Romania’s shoulder together” in 2021, which has helped it get through crises more easily and start building a better future. Maia Sandu explained that Romania has “Strongly” supported the Republic of Moldova economically, politically, diplomatically, culturally, educationally, emphasizing that this support is also felt by people across the Prut.

With all delicacy, the Moldovan head of state insisted that “important are the Romanian investments in the Republic of Moldova and the opening of the Romanian market for Moldovan producers”, especially since Romania is the destination country for most of the Moldovan products. Maia Sandu told Romanian investors that they are expected across the Prut because Moldova is “changing”, “the state is becoming more efficient, more transparent and more business-friendly”

The mutual assistance given by the Republic of Moldova to Romania and by Romania, within the sanitary crisis, was praised by both presidents, who met symbolically in Cotroceni, shortly before the national day.

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