Serbia Advocates for a New Gas Interconnector with Romania

by Cristian Florescu

The Serbian Government Reiterates Commitment to Gas Pipeline Project with Romania, Aiming for Completion by 2026″ Serbian Energy Minister Đedović Handanović recently held discussions with his Romanian counterpart, Sebastian Burduja, reaffirming that the construction of a gas pipeline connecting the two nations, providing direct access to the BRUA route, remains a top priority for Serbia. The proposed pipeline would link the towns of Mokrin in Serbia and Arad in Romania, with an anticipated length of approximately 100 km, covering 85.56 km in Romania and 12.8 km in Serbia. While an estimated investment value of EUR 43 million was mentioned in 2017, no further details regarding the signing of a memorandum of understanding were disclosed during the recent meeting. The goal is to complete the project by 2026.

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