Serbia asks EU to extend IPARD farm fund spending deadline

by Cristian Florescu

The Serbian Agriculture Minister, Elena Tanasković, has asked the European Commission to extend the deadline for spending on the IPARD farm fund. This would ensure that the 30 million Euros in grants for Serbian farmers would not go to waste.

After meeting European Agriculture Commissioner Janusz Vojcehovski in Brussels on Thursday, Tanasković said that Serbia would be able to fully use the remaining €158.5 million from the IPARD 2 programme if the deadline were extended by one year. This would allow Serbia to make the most of its investment in agricultural and rural development.

Serbia has spent €42 million, and another €80 million is set to be spent by the end of 2023.

The Serbian Agriculture Ministry has announced that the European Commission has agreed to extend funding for Serbian farmers for another year. This comes after Serbia submitted a request for additional funding to the Commission.

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