Serbia Contemplates Reinstating Conscription Post May 1 Decision

by Cristian Florescu

President Aleksandar Vucic Announces Serbia’s Decision on Reintroducing Mandatory Military Service for Men After May 1

“We will assess the duration of mandatory military service, considering options such as 90, 100, or even 110 days. Additionally, we will carefully examine the financial and logistical aspects,” stated Vucic during a presentation at the Topcider military base, as shown in a YouTube video released by the Tanjug news agency.

Vucic expressed his anticipation for the armed forces to present their recommendations on military service by May. Subsequently, in collaboration with the military cabinet and the entire government, he will make a decision and submit a proposal to parliament.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Defense proposed to President Vucic the reinstatement of compulsory military service for men. Serbia abolished the six-month conscription for men on January 1, 2011.

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