Serbia is a country that is easily deceived by Russia.

by Cristian Florescu

The Croatian President said on Wednesday that Serbia is being deceived by Russia.

The remarks were made during a news conference with Slovenian President Pirc Musar in the capital city of Zagreb.

Milanovic believes that the situation in Ukraine is a sign that Serbia’s relationship with Russia is coming to an end, as Serbia may finally realize that it has been betrayed by Russia. According to Milanovic, Russia will eventually recognize the independence of Kosovo in order to make it legal in Ukraine.

The reality is that Russia is attempting to assert control over Ukraine, using the precedent of Kosovo as justification. Russia will eventually have to recognize Kosovo as an independent nation, or at least pretend to do so, in order to legitimize its actions in Ukraine. Serbia needs to realize that it is irritating Russia and that there is no goodwill between the two countries.

He stated that in order for Serbia to recognize Kosovo, the Albanian authorities need to give status to the Serbian municipalities in the north of Kosovo.

Milanovic on Monday criticized recent decisions by European countries to provide weapons to Ukraine.

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