Serbia reports 456.4 mln dinars (3.89 mln euro) budget surplus in Jan-Aug

by Cristian Florescu

 Serbia’s budget was in surplus of 456.4 million dinars ($3.87 million/3.89 million euro) in the first eight months of 2022, compared to a 70.8 billion dinars deficit recorded in the same period in 2021, the finance ministry said on Wednesday.

Budget revenue came in at 1.11 trillion dinars in the first eight months through August, which represents an annual increase of 16.4%, while expenditures amounted to 1.11 trillion dinars, up 8.3% as compared to the like period a year earlier, the finance ministry said in its monthly data release.

Tax revenues totalled 1 trillion dinars, up from 848.6 billion dinars in the January-August period of last year.

VAT revenues amounted to over 514.8 billion dinars in the eight months through August, up from 420.8 billion dinars. Non-tax revenues came in at 101.4 billion dinars, slightly up from 97.4 billion dinars in the same period last year.

Current expenditures totalled 881.7 billion dinars in the review period, up 5% from the same period in 2021, while capital expenditures amounted to 206.4 billion dinars.

In August alone, after three months of budget surplus, Serbia’s budget showed a deficit of 694.6 million dinars.

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