Serbia should apologize and recognize Kosovo’s independence

by Cristian Florescu

Albanian PM Edi Rama said he agrees with Kosovo’s PM Albin Kurti that Serbia should apologize for the crimes committed and recognize the independence of Kosovo.

“I think that recognition and asking for forgiveness is the end of the process,” Rama said, according to the Pristina press portal Kosovo Online.

He emphasized that he has very good relations with Kurti, that is, that he has good and friendly communication with him, which means, he explains, that they talk a lot about different topics and exchange opinions related to different political philosophies.

“Our communication is really sweet, brotherly, friendly. That’s how it should be, a very civil and friendly relationship. We don’t have to agree on everything. We don’t agree on the approach to Serbia, on how Serbia should recognize the independence and ask for forgiveness, we don’t agree on the ‘Open Balkans’, but that doesn’t stop us from agreeing on many other things,” said Rama.

He also said that he was given the right to address the Council of Europe on October 12 about Dick Marty’s report.

“The issue is very sensitive. The Council of Europe wrote a very dark page approving Dick Marty’s report. Today, that relationship is completely different. I will also address the Council based on the fact that the Parliament of Albania passed a consensus resolution rejecting Dick Marty’s resolution. The Council of Europe should dissociate itself from that criminal report that caused great damage to Kosovo. This is our initiative,” said Rama.

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