Serbia to face another anti-government protest

by Cristian Florescu

The country is set to witness its seventh ‘Serbia against violence’ protest on Saturday, as there are anticipated additional measures and modifications in this demonstration, according to Aleksandar Jovanović-Ćuta, a representative of the Moramo – Zajedno group in the Serbian Parliament, as reported by EURACTIV.

Jovanović-Ćuta briefly discussed the next course of action concerning the protest against violence in Serbia.

The alteration in the protest format, as declared by a faction of the opposition that technically backs the “Serbia against violence” protests, mirrors the same approach employed during the Rio Tinto demonstrations in 2022. This strategy has been endorsed by Aleksandar Jovanović – Ćuta, a Member of Parliament from the parliamentary group Moramo – Zajedno in the Serbian Parliament.

I kindly hope that the meaning is clear to everyone. Jovanović stated that we will continue to do everything we did when we gathered all over Serbia in protests against Rio Tinto.

It has been kindly announced that the seventh “Serbia against violence” protest is scheduled to take place on Saturday, June 17. The gathering will be held in front of the Assembly of Serbia, and the attendees will proceed toward the Mostar loop.

As per the announcements made by the organizers, esteemed public figures and individuals affected by the regime will be addressing the assembled citizens in front of the Assembly to reiterate their demands.

This week, there is planned to be a protest held in multiple cities, and as per the announcements, there will be a simultaneous action to block roads in all cities from 6:00 pm to 9:00 pm.

Aleksandar Jovanović doesn’t anticipate that the citizens’ demands will be fulfilled.

It is unclear whether anyone in this country believes that Aleksandar Vučić would take the actions demanded, such as replacing Gašić and canceling national frequencies for Pink and Happy. It is unlikely that this would happen. The speaker poses the question of who is making these demands: is it Aleksandar Vučić or numerous citizens?

He politely asked if, prior to 3 May in Dubona and Orašje, the children would still be alive had they implemented the current measures to seize illegal weapons, particularly directed towards the minister of police.

Jovanović stated that it is highly unlikely that the individual in question had access to any firearms. Due to his criminal actions, it is expected that Bratislav Gašić, as a man and not just a police minister, should consider resigning. Further discussion on this matter is not necessary.

The energy of protests and gatherings can vary due to numerous factors that influence them. It is observed that the presence of Aleksandar Vučić, Nataša Jovanović, Nebojša Bakarec, Sandra Božić, and their associates who use derogatory language, target and insult certain groups of people, and label them as traitors, scum, and enemies of the state, seem to motivate individuals to participate in these events.

Furthermore, she mentioned that during protests, there seems to be a simmering of frustration and despair accumulated over the past decade of political leadership, which affects even those who earn low wages and journalists who are subjected to threats and violence for reporting the facts.

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