Serbia’s Double Game is Holding Hostage Region’s European Future

by Cristian Florescu

Albania’s security expert Ilir Kulla says his country is not in danger from Russian influence, he justifies this with the fact that Albania has no cultural ties with Russia while Albanians have an ethnocultural background completely different from the Russian, writes

Kulla calls the initiative of “Open Balkan” useless, and the last meeting in Tirana as a “pleasant party on the eve of Christmas”. Kulla estimates that the West is wrong when it leaves other Western Balkan countries waiting because of Serbia’s double game.

“The point is that Europe has almost completely stopped enlargement in the Balkans and the Balkan countries have been left without perspective. There is a kind of desire of the West not to lose Serbia in the direction of Russia, but in the meantime, it has taken hostage the European future of other countries. Examples are Albania, North Macedonia and Kosovo with visa issue”, says Kulla in the interview given to The Geopost.

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