Setbacks at Dunav Osiguranje, Serbia, impact blue-chip BELEX15

by Cristian Florescu

According to bourse statistics, the BELEX15 index of the Belgrade Stock Exchange, which represents leading and stable companies, had a decline of 0.27% on Tuesday. This decrease was primarily caused by losses incurred by insurer Dunav Osiguranje [BEL: DNOS].

Dunav Osiguranje had a decrease of 1.84% and closed for 906 dinars. The total turnover for the day was 1.5 million dinars, which was the biggest amount ever.

On Friday, the blue-chip index concluded with a modest increase of 0.08%.
Due to the celebration of Christmas in Serbia, the stock market was not operational on Monday.

During Tuesday’s trading session, the insurer was the only blue chip stock that had a decline, while the oil and gas business NIS [BEL: NIIS] was the only stock that saw an increase in the index. NIS added 0.12% and closed at 813 dinars, with a turnover of about 888,000 dinars.

The BELEXline, a market index weighted by free-float market capitalization, also declined, ending 0.19% down at 1,915.16 points.

The total trading volume on the Belgrade Stock Exchange increased significantly from 2.9 million dinars on Friday to 104.3 million dinars ($971,000/887,000 euro) on Tuesday. The trading of Treasury bonds accounted for a total of 103.7 million dinars on Monday.

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