Slovakia donates additional €2 million worth of military equipment to Ukraine

by Cristian Florescu

Slovak diplomacy has promised to offer help to Ukraine as long as it is needed, writes The Slovak Spectator

For now, Russia insists on taking over the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic and Republic of Luhansk, which is unacceptable for Ukraine.

The Defense Ministry prepared another support package for Ukraine and reported to the TASR newswire.

Possibly due to geographical proximity and shared similarities, Slovakia has become one of the top Ukrainian supporters amongst other European countries, placing fourth in terms of donations with Estonia in the lead.

So far Slovakia has helped not just with humanitarian aid, but donated an S-300 air defence system with a value of over €68 million, as stated by Defence Minister Jaroslav Naď (OĽaNO) on his Facebook profile.

Slovakia also offered financial help in funding Ukrainian military needs. Other than that, TASR newswire reported that Ukraine has shown interest in purchasing Zuzana howitzers, which are made in Slovakia.

The EU has shown support to Ukraine by funding military needs and helping with humanitarian issues, as well as helping by supporting member states.

The Slovak foreign affairs minister, Ivan Korčok (SaS nom.), has signed a bilateral agreement with the EU worth €130 million, which should serve as a refund for Slovakia’s expenses linked to military and humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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