Slovakia has always unconditionally supported BiH on its EU and NATO Paths

by Cristian Florescu

On his inaugural visit, the Ambassador of the Slovak Republic to BiH, Roman Hloben, was received by the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of Bosnia and Herzegovina Denis Zvizdić. Zvizdić informed him about the current political situation after the October elections, with a special focus on the dynamic of the formation of the government on all levels.

Zvizdić thanked Slovakia for its support to Bosnia and Herzegovina and pointed out that Slovakia has always unconditionally supported the Euro-Atlantic path of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

During the meeting, Chairman Zvizdić and Ambassador Hloben discussed the importance of improving relations between the two countries, especially in the fields of economy, business, tourism, education and culture.

At the end of the meeting, Chairman Zvizdić stated that he wished Ambassador Hloben a successful diplomatic mandate and a pleasant stay in Bosnia and Herzegovina, according to Zvizdić’s office.

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