Sovereign Ukraine is in interest of Europe

by Cristian Florescu

“A sovereign Ukraine is in the interest of the whole of Europe,” Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said during his visit to Kyiv, writes

On Tuesday Prime Minister Morawiecki met with the head of the Ukrainian government, during his visit to Kyiv. The heads of state took part in a joint press conference. Ukrainian Prime Minister, Denys Szmyhal, assessed the talks with the Polish side as fruitful. “I am very grateful to my Polish colleague for accepting my invitation and paying a visit to Ukraine at this difficult time for our country,” he said.

The heads of state discussed topics ranging from energy security and cooperation on infrastructure projects, including joint actions towards Nord Stream 2, gas storage by Polish companies in warehouses in Ukraine to creating technical possibilities for Ukraine to import gas from Poland, especially from the LNG terminal.

As Poland, we are ready to support Ukraine, both in gas matters, as well as related to defence and support for economic stability; we are also ready to provide humanitarian aid, which we are already doing, Prime Minister Morawiecki emphasised.

“Today we stand side by side with the Ukrainian state to help defend this threatened security, threatened by the Russian neighbour,” he added.

Also, the Ukrainian PM announced that “the Polish and Ukrainian sides signed an agreement yesterday on a significant increase in the number of permits issued for international freight transport, as well as the lifting of restrictions on the transit of freight waggons via Ukraine to Poland by rail”.

He also informed that Mateusz Morawiecki had invited him to Warsaw for the meeting of the heads of government of the Lublin Triangle countries planned for March 14.

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