The Coalition of Eight political parties harmonizes program principles

by Cristian Florescu

Representatives of eight political parties, who previously signed an agreement on the formation of majorities at all levels of government in Bosnia and Herzegovina, agreed on the text of the program principles that will be the basis of the coalition agreement, and it is a document that will offer other coalition partners, Fena reports.

This was confirmed by Nerin Dizdar from the Social Democratic Party (SDP) of Bosnia and Herzegovina, adding that the agreement on program principles will first of all be offered to the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ) in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is, he says, an exhaustive document that contains dozens of very specific measures, principles, goals and guidelines that have been harmonized today, and is the result of the work of a number of expert teams of political entities.

“This is in fact a summary of the political programs of all parties that they offered to citizens and voters ahead of the general elections, and we consider it a high-quality and concrete foundation for the work of future authorities at all levels,” said Dizdar.

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