The EU will fall apart or be divided into segments

by Cristian Florescu

The European Union will either fall apart or be divided into several segments, Marina Lenchevskaya, a member of the Standing Commission on National Security of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus

“There are talks about the collapse of Ukraine, but in general, the collapse of the European Union is also a possibility. It all started with Brexit. Then the pandemic came. It also showed that there were problems in the EU and the Schengen system was failing. And what is happening today? Look at the developments around gas, which is a vital matter of concern. Today it is quite possible that the largest economy in the European Union – Germany – will simply create a gas ring and close itself from the rest of Europe. Here is one of the reasons why the EU can fall apart. Hungary has made a point that its own interests are a priority for it. The same sentiments are observed in other countries,” Marina Lenchevskaya said.

The MP was asked whether the EU will disintegrate eventually or not. “I think that it will either fall apart or be divided into some segments,” she noted.

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