The Tax Administration of Serbia closes 66 facilities

by Cristian Florescu

Out of 102 traffic checks made through fiscal devices, irregularities were found in 66 cases.

The Tax Administration of Serbia has shared that a significant number of traffic checks were carried out through fiscal devices at various cultural, artistic, and tourist events this year. Out of the total of 102 checks, legal measures prohibiting activities were imposed in 66 cases, which accounts for approximately 64.71 per cent.

At highly attended events such as the Trumpet Festival in Guča, Nišville in Niš, Tešnjarske Večeri in Valjevo, and the Beer Days in Zrenjanin, a total of 19 checks were conducted, as previously mentioned.

As a result of detected irregularities, prohibition measures were implemented in 16 instances.

According to the statement, it was specified that five establishments were closed in both Guča and Valjevo, four in Zrenjanin, and two in Niš.

The Tax Administration kindly requests that its inspectors consistently carry out a considerable number of checks on the accurate recording of transactions through electronic fiscal devices, in strict compliance with the regulations associated with the new e-fiscalization model.

Throughout this year, the inspections also extended to obligors who took part in various tourist, cultural, artistic, gastronomic, and fair events.

The Tax Administration would like to emphasize that, due to the implementation of the new fiscalization model, it now possesses all the essential real-time transaction data from all retail locations in Serbia. This enables us to effectively address any non-compliance issues among taxpayers who may not be fulfilling their legal obligations, using risk analysis and targeted inspections.

The Tax Administration kindly requests all fiscalization obligors to adhere to tax regulations concerning the issuance of fiscal receipts for the sale of goods and services. By doing so, they can prevent unnecessary inspections and penalties.

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