Thousands protest ‘culture of violence’ in Serbia

by Cristian Florescu

A large number of individuals marched through the streets of Belgrade on Saturday to express their concerns about the increasing violence allegedly instigated by the ruling party. This marked the fifth demonstration of its kind.

The movement known as “Serbia against violence” was initiated in response to two recent mass shootings, which are considered to be the largest since the overthrow of Slobodan Milosevic in 2000. The protesters have conveyed their dissatisfaction towards the ruling party regarding the culture of violence that they believe has been instigated by media outlets under government control. The demonstrators respectfully request that the government considers revoking the broadcasting licenses of channels that promote violent content, alongside a ban on newspapers that target political dissidents. Additionally, they call for the resignations of the interior minister and the head of the intelligence services.

A group of protesters kindly let go of helium balloons that bore a message encouraging Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to depart. The balloons featured a banner displaying the words “Vučić Go Away” alongside a prominent image of the president.

In early May, there was an unfortunate incident where a 13-year-old pupil discharged a firearm at a Belgrade elementary school. The following day, there was another incident where a 21-year-old man engaged in a shooting spree outside Belgrade.

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