US Pressure on Bulgaria for North Macedonia will Increase

by Cristian Florescu

The most important thing is the strongest possible foreign policy activation and the strongest possible speaking and explanation of our position, which has been lacking in recent years. This was stated to BNR about the relations between Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia by Milen Keremedchiev, former Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Economy of Bulgaria, write

“We behaved like angry girls who said – we are members of the EU and do not give explanations to candidates for membership. This attitude of ours has hurt us much more because other Western European partners do not understand our position. “

Asked whether President Rumen Radev has a different vision from the leaders of the WCC about our relations with the Republic of North Macedonia, in the program “Before All” Milen Keremedchiev commented:

“The mood in Bulgaria is more in line with President Radev’s position, but we must note that indeed next year the pressure on Bulgaria, especially from the United States, will be extremely strong. There is another speech in the US Congress in this direction.”

Regarding the case with Crimea and the speech of the head of state Rumen Radev during the debates with Prof. Anastas Gerdjikov before the runoff, Keremedchiev noted that this is a pre-election statement for a certain electorate. According to him, Ukraine’s reaction was nervous because the authorities there feel betrayed by the United States and Europe.

On the topic of the elections and the voting of the Bulgarian emigrants in Turkey, Keremedchiev stressed that the tension is not a precedent.

“In no way should we underestimate what happened, but this is not the first time. You know that when elections come, the Turkish side becomes active and starts a very serious agitation, mixed with the beginnings of interference in the internal affairs of our country. This is not the first time that such political tensions have arisen between Turkey and Bulgaria during elections. This policy of Turkey is not aimed only at Bulgaria. Turkey has a very aggressive policy when it comes to protecting its interests and the minorities that are Muslim in different parts of Europe. “

For DPS, the main elections were parliamentary. The nomination of Mustafa Karadayi as a presidential candidate was entire to raise the parliament vote, said Milen Keremedchiev. According to him, the orderly organization against the background of low voter turnout has “shot” them in third place with serious political dividends for the next parliament.

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