V4 committees concur on need to move away from energy supplies from Russia

by Cristian Florescu

Members of Visegrad Four (V4: the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia) parliamentary committees on EU affairs concurred on the need to move towards halting oil, gas and coal supplies from the Russian Federation and thus stop financing Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, writes Radio Slovakia International

 Chairwoman of the Slovak parliamentary committee on EU Affairs Vladimira Marcinkova announced this following a meeting of the heads of the aforementioned committees on Monday (April 25).

According to Marcinkova, there is a need to think of the Green Deal, which is one of the EU’s priorities, and try to adapt to the current situation and so-called green ideas. “At the moment, we aren’t able to make the energy mix entirely from renewable sources, as we are dependent on the core. But the path to independence from this kind of energy must be part of our considerations on the future of the energy sector in Europe,” added Marcinkova.

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