Vucic wins support of former party leader

by Cristian Florescu

Ultra-nationalist politician Vojislav Seselj said that his Serbian Radical Party (SRS) has decided to support Aleksandar Vucic in the coming presidential elections, writes

Vucic was a long-time senior member of the SRS before he and Seselj’s second in command Tomislav Nikolic broke away to form the SNS in 2008 while Seselj was standing trial for war crimes before the Hague Tribunal.

Seselj told Politika daily that it would be in the interest of the people if the leader of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) won another term in office.

“We are a party that knows that national interests sometimes demand a deviation from established practices which is why we are voting for Vucic. Vucic’s victory in the first round of the vote is in the interest of the people which includes the SRS,” he said. Seselj said that Vucic is not ideal nor to the liking of the SRS. “The important thing is for Serbia to maintain political stability and prevent a scenario which would bring Western puppets to power bringing unforeseeable consequences to Serbian national interests,” he added.

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