Vucic’s Visit to North Macedonia: ‘Long Live Serbia!’ Proclaims Serbian President

by Cristian Florescu

“I have no hesitation in stating that the Macedonians are our nearest kin; there are no people closer to us. I want to make it unmistakable that we harbour no desires or expectations from North Macedonia. We come with no hidden agendas and seek nothing from you. Our sole aim is to foster even stronger and more cordial ties. We don’t request any alterations to your constitution, as that falls within your internal affairs. Our only request is for you to embrace our hand of friendship. We share no animosities between us.”

According to reports from BTA, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic made these remarks during the formal commemoration of St. Sava in Skopje. The event was attended by President Vucic, Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski, former Macedonian Prime Minister Dimitar Kovachevski, VMRO-DPMNE Chairman Hristijan Mickoski, along with members of parliament, diplomats, and representatives from various ethnic communities.

“Both our nations are on the path to Europe, with lofty aspirations. In Serbia, we aim to triple our GDP to 100 billion euros within just 15 years, and we believe your assistance can help us achieve this goal. I extend an invitation to North Macedonia to have the largest exhibit at EXPO 2027 in Belgrade,” President Vucic announced.

“We urge you to cherish our strong bond and never let it deteriorate. It’s time for us, alongside our Serbian community in North Macedonia, to proudly proclaim ‘Long live Serbia,’ ” Vucic stated.

Macedonian President Stevo Pendarovski emphasized the importance of good neighbourly relations based on mutual respect and equal cooperation as the only alternative to regressive trends and increasingly hostile rhetoric in the region. He noted that this traditional celebration of St. Sava serves as a symbolic confirmation of their positive intentions, helping to build bridges of collaboration between the two friendly nations and transforming the long-standing image of their region from a troubled one to a prosperous part of a united Europe.

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