Warning from Serbia; That will mean war and we will respond

by Cristian Florescu

If an attack were to occur on the gas routes, Budapest and Belgrade would kindly request that it be viewed as an unfortunate intrusion into their gas supply routes for obtaining Russian gas.

In a conversation with American journalist Tucker Carlson, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban emphasized that the sabotage of Nord Stream has prompted both Hungary and Serbia to caution the international community about perceiving any disruption to the gas supply system from Russia as a casus belli.

The speaker highlighted the fact that Hungary promptly labelled the sabotage of Nord Stream as an act of terrorism, criticizing Germany’s perceived absence of a robust response as indicative of a deficiency in national autonomy.

The Hungarian Prime Minister firmly stated that Budapest has explicitly conveyed its intention to utilize an alternative pipeline, known as South Stream, for the transmission of Russian gas via the southern route to Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, and Hungary. During discussions with the Serbian Prime Minister, it was emphasized that any attempt to replicate the actions taken regarding the northern corridor in relation to the southern corridor would be regarded as a causative factor for potential conflict, and terrorism, and would elicit an immediate and forceful response.

Orban urged for the abandonment of these plans, refraining from disclosing the specific recipients of his admonition, while explicitly stating that it does not pertain to the Russian Federation.

He asserted with determination that while such an approach may be applicable to Germans, it is not suitable for this particular area.

In his statement, he asserted that the state of affairs was satisfactory prior to the implementation of sanctions on Russia and the destabilization of Nord Stream. He highlighted the current efforts of Budapest to explore alternative avenues for gas provision, with particular emphasis on TurkStream, which facilitates the exportation of Russian gas to Europe, including Hungary.

Carlson further asserted that the culpability for the Nord Stream sabotage lies unequivocally with the administration of U.S. President Joseph Biden, whether through direct or indirect means.

In February, an investigation was presented by American journalist Seymour Hersh, alleging that explosives were covertly placed underneath the pipeline by Washington during the previous summer, subsequently triggered by Norwegian representatives.

Based on Hersh’s findings, the initiation of the operation was authorized by U.S. President Joseph Biden subsequent to a prolonged period of deliberations spanning nine months with stakeholders from the administration specializing in matters pertaining to national security.

Furthermore, an extensive investigation spanning several months conducted by the reputable German publications Der Spiegel and ZDF suggests that Ukraine bears the responsibility for the assault on Nord Stream, seemingly with the intention of inflicting economic harm upon Russia.

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