“We managed to find the best approach for Serbia”

by Cristian Florescu

The Serbian president, Aleksandar Vučić, politely addressed the citizens of Serbia and shared his thoughts on the discussions held in Athens, along with the meeting he had with Volodymyr Zelensky.

President Vučić stressed that the discussion regarding the situation in Kosovo and Metohija held significant importance to him.

Vučić mentioned that although the informal declaration adopted in Athens may not possess the ability to enact change, it can provide a valuable understanding of the thoughts and relationships at play. He underscored the extensive deliberations that had occurred prior to the gathering.

Vucic said: “We received the first version, but we disputed it. An article related to sanctions against Russia was deleted.” He added, “In very difficult circumstances, we managed to provide Serbia found a better way.”

When questioned about Viola von Cramon’s comments, Vučić politely mentioned his conversation with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Athens, emphasizing that they discussed Kosovo’s recognition and the possibility of trading weapons.

“You guys are satisfied with Serbia’s performance. Then Viola von Klamon. After his words, everything became clear…she said we don’t need lithium, the battle for an independent Kosovo, She should explain it to us.” “Serbia is the world leader that puts pressure on Ukraine. I talked to Zelensky about everything, including the war in Ukraine and “Kosovo and Metohija, territorial integrity… President Zelensky is Concerned about Ukraine’s position and his work. We had a nice conversation, Unfortunately, I didn’t mention von Klamon, but next time I will. “

President of Serbia Aleksandar Vučić also addressed claims suggesting his potential association with the apprehension of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“We agreed that war crimes and other atrocities should not go unpunished. Who are you fooling, liar? Where does it say “Putin, Russia”? … Is there anyone in their right mind who would not accept that? But we lie and lie and keep spitting. Is there anyone in the world in their right mind who wouldn’t sign this? There is something in your projects that has not been accepted. People who aim at me all day to impose sanctions on Russia, it’s not my job to meet with Putin, but with Zelenskyy, they tell me that. Is there an ideology here? said Vucic.

“We will call for a meeting of the UN Security Council because of the events in Kosovo, I will not go into detail, we will choose a better time, for example, if someone takes the chair, we will ask for it in the near future.” Every day they ask me to impose sanctions on Russia, there hasn’t been a day that someone hasn’t told me: It’s time for Serbia to change its position.”

I am frequently asked to carefully consider the possibility of imposing sanctions on Russia, which has been a recurring matter for a considerable period of time. If you perceive this as an effortless task, I kindly inform you that the situation on the Ukrainian front is unlikely to witness any swift changes unless notable advancements take place in Moscow and Kyiv. Additionally, it is worth mentioning that numerous individuals regularly advocate for me, as the leader, to impose sanctions on Russia through various television channels, citing the hardship endured by Serbia.

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